Party Custom Fields Party Custom Fields

Party Custom Fields

With Party Custom Fields you can store any custom data pertaining to a party in TrustLayer.


In this article we'll cover

Setting up party custom fields

To add a party custom field, navigate to Settings > Custom Fields > Party Custom Fields



Click + New Custom Field and add a Name, choose a Type, and click Create. You can also add a description and/or change the color to help distinguish the field in the list 


  • Party custom fields can be edited, but after creation the Type cannot be modified.
  • Limit of 50 Party custom fields per organization.
  • If you have a list of custom fields you would like to import, please contact Support and we can help you import them all in bulk.

Adding custom field values to parties

Custom field values for parties are empty by default and show as "Not set" until a value is added for that party.



Click the Edit button to add or edit values for each custom field.


Filtering parties by custom field values

Parties can be filtered by a value on a custom field using the Custom Fields filter option


Choose the custom field name, choose the operator (this will change depending on the field Type) and then enter or select a value to filter.

Exporting reports with party custom fields

Custom field values can be included on any exported report and appear at the bottom of the list on the export report screen.


A count of how many party custom fields the organization has is shown and the icon next to the count can be hovered over to show a popover listing the custom fields names.