What's New: July 20, 2022 What's New: July 20, 2022

What's New: July 20, 2022

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New Features

Compliance across projects filter

Bounced emails workflow

Updated Review status filter

Bug Fixes


Compliance across projects filter

Now you can filter parties by project compliance without needing to first be in project view. The new “Compliance across projects” filter allows users to filter parties based on their compliance across multiple projects.


Bounced emails workflow

Email bounces happen, but now TrustLayer will notify you when they do and give you a path to resolve them. Users will receive notifications as well as seeing visual warning icons on the Parties list page and the Messages tab of the party.

Notifications link directly to the message where the issue occurred so users can choose to ignore the bounce or attempt to resend the message. Read more in the Help Center.



Updated: Review status filter

We’ve made a small change to the “Reviewed” option on the Review status filter so it now only shows parties where all the documents have been reviewed instead of parties where at least one document has been reviewed. This means that paired with the Compliance status filter you can see exactly which parties still need to upload documents that show compliance.



Bug Fixes 

The below bugs have been resolved:

  • Fixed a bug where if a user was an admin role in one organization but an observer in another organization they incorrectly received some email notifications.
  • Fixed a bug where some scheduled reports using relative dates (e.g. "Within the next 30 days") were not generated showing the correct dates.