Bounced emails workflow Bounced emails workflow

Bounced emails workflow

Email represents a foundational business communication method and is a critical tool for most of us in our work. This is why TrustLayer proactively notifies you of any emails that bounce.

The most common delivery issues for email are due to simple typos in email addresses. Our platform not only intelligently informs you of issues, but allows you to easily correct any mistakes and then resend the message.

Notifications of bounces

When a conversation in a party experiences a bounce to one or more email addresses a notification appears in the Notifications drawer and an error icon is shown for that party on the Parties list page.



Bounce Details

There are a number of visual cues in the Messages area of a party letting you know if a conversation has a message that has bounced.

Inside of a conversation with a bounce there are two icons which both show more details about the issue when hovered over. This allows you to understand what occurred up until the point where the email bounced.

Resolving a bounced message

Each bounced message can be resolved by ignoring it or using the resend workflow.


The Resend button opens a modal where you can click resend right away and attempt to send the message to the recipient again, or you can edit the email address if you discover a typo then update the contact and resend the message.


If you determine the contact is no longer a valid recipient you have the ability to remove the contact from that specific conversation or the party entirely.


Once a bounced message is resolved, the error will collapse and if it is the last bounce in the conversation or party the error icons will subsequently be removed. Collapsed bounce errors remain as a record and can be expanded and viewed. Ignored bounces can always be revisited and a resend attempted if desired.