What's new: January 2022 What's new: January 2022

What's new: January 2022


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Welcome to a new year with TrustLayer!

We've kicked off the year with a range of new features, take a look below!


New Features

Import and Export of compliance profiles and project custom fields

Knowledge base Single Sign-On

Forwarded email redirection 


Quality of Life Improvements

Bug Fixes


Import and Export of Compliance Information

With this feature a user is able to export into a JSON file their compliance profiles and their project custom fields. The file will be emailed to you where you can then download it an import it into another organisation.

Exporting your compliance profiles or project custom fields is the fastest way to set up new organisations in TrustLayer as you can easily add many compliance profiles in a scalable way. This is especially valuable for those who work across multiple organisations in TrustLayer and need to be able to replicate their configurations across organisations


Knowledge Base Single Sign-On (SSO)

Now you can access our knowledge base very easily meaning you can easily reference feature or functionality whilst completing your actions.

Please follow this link to login again to enable this functionality after you've logged into TrustLayer.


You will need to login to the knowledge base once more but once that is done you can seamlessly navigate to it without having to login again each time. 


Forwarded email redirection

A small change you may notice in your document requests is a change to the footer to include the text "If this message was forwarded to you, please reply using the addresss..."

This means that if a document request is forwarded on, such as to a broker, then the response will be re-routed to your organisation more seamlessly. Meaning you can get your documents faster.



The TrustLayer open API now supports webhooks! You're able to generate these from the TrustLayer API page in the settings.

You can read more about this in our developer portal here


Quality of Life Improvements

The below enhancements have been implemented

  • A wide-range of performance and scale enhancements
  • Additional security during login page to restrict malicious automated login attempts
  • Information between username and password login pages now pass information more securely
  • Removed flag for default recipient to send document requests to recipients without an email address


Bug Fixes 

The below bugs have been resolved

  • On the parties page the details of a flag wouldn't load.
  • Can't find "" compliance profile error message resolved when accessing a project with a deleted compliance profile
  • When saving multiple custom requirements in a project only one change is saved