How to Import and Export Compliance Profiles How to Import and Export Compliance Profiles

How to Import and Export Compliance Profiles

Users can now import and export compliance profiles. Previously, when creating a new Org, you would have to create new compliance profiles from scratch. This new functionality will be extremely useful for users that regularly create new Orgs and need to transfer pre-built compliance profiles to them. The process is simple and straight-forward. See below for the step-by-step walkthrough.


Exporting Compliance Profiles 

1 Navigate to the Compliance Profiles Settings area

2 Select one or multiple compliance profiles to export (you can choose a single profile by clicking the vertical ellipsis button and choosing export or by ticking the checkbox next to the desired profile and clicking export to json)

3 For exporting multiple compliance profiles, select some or all and click export to json

4 You will be emailed the .json file as an attachment

5 Download the file to your computer to upload to the platform in the next step











Importing Compliance Profiles 

1 Switch to the desired Org and navigate to the Compliance Profiles Settings area

2 Click Import and upload the exported json file from the previous step

3 Your imported compliance profiles should now appear and are ready to be used






Other Things to Note

  • Only one Json file can be uploaded at a time
  • Editing the Json file is not recommended