Using Projects tab on Party Profile page Using Projects tab on Party Profile page

Using Projects tab on Party Profile page

The Projects tab is 1 of 5 tabs located on the Party Profile page for each of your individual Parties. This tab offers the ability to see all projects assigned to an individual party along with the ability to manage the various projects.



This article contains the following:

How to Search for a Project

How to Add a Project to a Party

How to Remove a Project from a Party

How to Edit a Project Assigned to a Party

How to View Inactive Projects

Additional Page Options


How to Search for a Project

Similar to other sections in TrustLayer, there are a few options to help you search for a project. Select the method that works best for you. 

1 Use the search bar to type in the name of the Project.


2 Use the Filter options to narrow down the project you are looking for.

Note: If you have created any Custom fields, you will see them as an option to use as you are selecting filters as seen in the screenshot below. Custom fields are highlighted with the red stars as an example.


3 Change the Sort By: option to help bring certain projects to the top of your list. You can do this by selecting the drop down shown in the first screenshot, or clicking the arrows next to each category as shown in the second screenshot.





How to Add a Project to a Party

1 Click the blue Add to Project button.


2 In the new pop up, either use the drop down to choose the project that should be assigned the the party or click the blue create new to add a new project.


3 If choosing from the dropdown, select the desired project and then click the blue Add to project button. If creating a new project move to step 4.


4 In the new pop up, add the new Project Name and other desired information.


5 Click the Custom Fields tab. If a custom field is not needed, jump to step 8.

Note: The use of custom fields within projects is optional and may or may not make sense to implement within your organization's TrustLayer instance.  If your organization has custom requirements that differ from project to project or location to location, such as the certificate holder, location of project, additional insured entities, or any other project or location-specific requirement, this is where you can set those parameters for each project in order to pull the project-specific information into the Compliance Profile.

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6 Click the Select a Custom Field... dropdown menu.


7 Select the appropriate custom field then enter the value of the custom field to the right of the dropdown.



8 Click the Parties tab.


9 Click into the “Search Parties…” box and type the name of the party you are looking for. If no other parties need to be added to the project move to step 11.

Note: If there is a new party that is not in the system you will need to add them as a party in the system and then add the new party to the project.

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10 Select the relevant party or parties.


11 Click the Select Compliance Profile... dropdown menu and select the compliance profile relevant to each party.


12 Click the Compliance Profiles tab. This gives you an overall view of the custom compliance profile for this project.


13 Review and waive the project-specific requirements by deselecting the box next to any requirements that do not apply to the project.


14 Click the Attachments tab.


15 Upload documents relevant to this specific project by dragging documents into the section shown below, or click to browse and select.


16 Click the blue Create Project button.



How to Add a Project to a Party Demo



How to Remove a Project from a Party

If a party was added to a project in error or is no longer part of a project, you can follow the steps below to remove the party from the project. If a project is no longer active, it is recommended to make the project inactive so the information can be stored without showing on the party's active projects list.

1 Click on the box to the left or the 3 vertical dots to the right of the project that needs to be removed.


2 Click Remove from Project.


3 Confirm action by clicking the red Remove from 1 project button.



How to Remove a Project from a Party Demo



How to Edit a Project Assigned to a Party

1 Click on the gear icon to the right of the project needing to be updated.


2 Jump to the tab where updates are needed.


3 Make desired changes.


4 Click the blue Update Project button.



How to Edit a Project Assigned to a Party Demo




How to View Inactive Projects

1 Click on show inactive.


2 All options shared above are available for inactive projects. To go back to active projects, click on Show Active.



How to View Inactive Projects Demo



Additional Page Options

Within the Projects section of the Party profile page there are a few icons that allow you to make adjustments to the party, jump to reviewing the party's documents, and also send a reminder request when needed.


1 The Editing pencil will allow you to edit party information. When clicked on, a new pop up will appear with the option to make adjustments to the Party's info.


2 The Mark Inactive button will allow you to make a Party inactive. After this icon is clicked, a pop up to confirm the action will appear.


3 The Send Reminder icon, will allow you to send a follow up Document Request. When clicked on a new pop up will appear allowing you to create a custom one-time message to the Party.


4 The Review Documents icon will allow you to jump into the Document Review screen for all of this Party's documents.


The Add Tag button allows you to type in the tag desired in the new text box that appears.