What's New: October 2021 What's New: October 2021

What's New: October 2021

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Our October update makes a direct improvement by adding an extra layer of risk protection when it comes to creating Compliance Profiles by including AM Best requirements. We were able to do this by making updating the existing feature to garner you maximum overall benefits. Find out more about this change and others from this release below!


New Features

AM Best Rating within a Compliance Profile


Quality of Life Improvements

Inviting team members 

Integration Time-stamping

Bug fixes

Performance updates


AM Best Rating within a Compliance Profile

In June 2021, we added the AM Best Carrier ratings feature which allowed you to easily determine if an insurer had the financial ability to cover major claims and losses by seeing the most current AM Best rating for a Party's insurers. Now, with our update you're able to add these as requirements in your compliance profiles which means this information will be automatically extracted.  

AM Best requirements act slightly differently to the requirements you would have seen so far, so be sure to read about them here




All users above viewer role can invite team members

In our last update we amended the permissions on inviting other users to your team. After making this change and listening to your feedback we've amended this again. The new behavior will allow anybody with an access level greater than viewer to be able to invite others to your team.



Integrations Time-Stamping

We've added a last updated timestamp to your integrations pages. This will be present when looking at your mappings so you'll be able to see how accurate the information is.



Bug Fixes 

  • Fill & Sign could occasionally show the incorrect number of completed fields in a document
  • An entry point into document review wasn't deactivated when a party had no documents
  • Bulk emails could be sent without email addresses populated


Performance Updates

  • Updating project modal performance issues with slow connection speeds
  • Performance enhancements when uploading multiple documents for extraction and in Fill & Sign