Using Documents - Sidebar Using Documents - Sidebar

Using Documents - Sidebar

After documents have been uploaded to TrustLayer, you can find them all by using the Documents tab on the left side navigation bar. This section allow you to view documents in a list format while providing options to search for a particular document.



This article contains the following: 

Document Types

Uploading Documents

Searching for a Document

Document Options

Bulk Actions


Document Types

To stay organized, during the Document Review process it is recommended to assign a Document Type to each item uploaded. The system will automatically assign documents that are able to be identified as Certificates of Insurance to that document type. Other documents will be placed into the Generic Documents category. You will notice after clicking on the Documents section in the left navigation bar, the document types will then appear as additional options to jump to as desired.


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Uploading Documents

If you are needing to upload documents, you can do so on this page. This allows you to upload one individual document or multiple files without needing to make sure you are in the correct party.

1 Click on the blue Upload documents button in the upper right.


2 Drag and drop files where it says Upload Documents. If you do not have the files readily available, you can select Click to Browse and Select documents that are stored on your local machine.

Note: To select multiple files, after clicking the first document, hold the shift key on your keyboard and click the remaining documents needing to be uploaded. You will see all items clicked while holding the shift key become highlighted.


3 Click Upload.



Searching for a Document

There are a few tools to help when searching for a document on this page.

1 The search bar will allow you to type in the full or partial document name by clicking in the box that says Find by Name... 


2 Another option would be to Filter the list of documents. After clicking Filter, you will see the many options to help find the document you are seeking. You can select as many filters as you would like in order to help to narrow down the documents in the system.


3 Sorting arrows are little tools that show you how the documents are currently being arranged on the screen and allow you to change arrangement as desired. As you hover over each category title, you will see the arrows appear. Categories are: Document Name, Party, Subject, Next Expiration, and Upload Date. By clicking the up or down arrow, this will adjust the arrangement of the documents as they appear on the screen.

For example: The below image shows the documents are arranged by Upload Date starting with the most recent document (the earliest date).


4 You can also use the document types listed on the left navigation bar to jump to the particular document type you are looking for.

Note: This is only effective if each document was labeled properly during the Document Review process.



Document Options

When selecting a document, you will be given a variety of options as to what you can do with the document. Some options will vary based on if the document has been assigned to a party or if the document currently remains unassigned. You can determine if the document has been assigned by looking at the Party column of the list of documents.



To see the options available, you can choose the option below that best suits you or the action you are trying to complete.


1 When clicking into the document, you will arrive at the Document Review page. The page will appear differently based on whether or not the document has been assigned to a Party.

Screenshot of a document that has been assigned to its party.



Screenshot of a document that has NOT been assigned to its party.


If the document has been assigned, you will be able to complete the following actions in this window:

  1. Change or Add Document Type
  2. Review Document and switch the toggle to Reviewed
  3. Flag the Document
  4. Archive the Document
  5. Send Document Request
  6. Log Verification
  7. Edit Document Information
  8. Edit Insurance Information
  9. Download the Document


If the document has not been assigned, you will be able to complete the following actions in this window:

  1. Assign the Document to a Party
  2. Add Annotations to the Document
  3. Download the Document


Note: In order to proceed with Document Review, you will need to assign the Document to a Party.

Individual Document Actions

3 Clicking the 3 dots to the right of the document will show you the options available to perform on a single document:

  1. Assign to party
  2. Detach from current party
  3. Associate to a project
  4. Detach from current project
  5. Mark as reviewed
  6. Archive document
  7. Delete document


Without clicking on a document, you can see a few basic functions as well.

  1. Upload Documents
  2. Download Documents



Bulk Document Actions

Bulk actions are an efficient way of completing tasks when there are multiple documents needing the same action. Most options previously shared are available as a bulk action, however it is important to make sure the items all match the request being completed. For example, if attempting to assign a party in a bulk, all documents selected will need to be assigned to the same party in order to correctly complete this bulk action.

Note: If you need to select a large number of documents, you can adjust the #/page dropdown to show more documents. If needing to select all documents, see additional steps below.


To complete a bulk action, follow the steps below.

1 Select the documents required to the desired action. Note: To select all documents move to step 2. If all desired documents have already been selected move to step 5.


2 To select all documents. Click the box next to Document name. This will select all documents on the current page.


3 Click the new dropdown near the action items. The number will advise how many documents have been selected.


4 Click Select all as desired.


5 Locate the action needing to be completed.


6 Confirm by clicking OK or complete action per instruction.