How to Create a New Document Type How to Create a New Document Type

How to Create a New Document Type

Document types are used to organize documents that are uploaded into the TrustLayer platform. Default settings will already be configured to include Certificate of Insurance, Professional License, Driver's License, W-9, Generic Document, and Contract. However, these types are completely customizable. If the document uploaded cannot be read as a Certificate of Insurance, it will be bucketed into the Generic Document category. It is up to the reviewer to categorize the documents appropriately during the review process.


How to Create a New Document Type

1 Using the left navigation bar, click on Settings.


2 Click on Documents Configuration.


3 Click the blue + New Document Type button located on the right side of the screen.


4 The New Document Type window will open. Enter a Name in the text box. The Plural Name text box will auto-populate based on what you have entered above.


5 Click the blue Create Document Type button at the bottom right of the window to complete this process.



Adding New Document Type Demo