What's New: September 2021 What's New: September 2021

What's New: September 2021


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The September update is one of our biggest updates yet with a ton of new features and enhancements. This update makes changes all over the platform including our automatic extraction from documents, reporting, role and permissions and document signing. We're super excited for you to use these new features. Find out more about them below!


New Features

Fill&Sign Audit Trail

Viewer Role

Extraction Enhancements


Reporting Features

Scheduled Reports

Rearrange columns in reports

Filter by projects in the parties page


Validate authenticity with the Fill&Sign audit trail

With this update our Fill&Sign technology is fully legally binding by providing you with a complete audit trail of the document. This includes seeing when the document was open and looked at, signed and completed, give you full vision on the timeline of its completion. 

With Fill&Sign you can: 

- Know that you're covered with a fully legally binding document

- Use TrustLayer's document request workflow to request signatures to execute agreements

- Download the fully signed agreement plus an audit trail of its completion

See how to use Fill & Sign




Fill&Sign is a premium feature we offer, so if you're interested in being able to easily send documents such as contracts and agreements for signing within the TrustLayer experience this then please talk to our support team at support@trustlayer.io


Manage your team members with viewer role

Viewer is a great new low-level permissions role which streamlines TrustLayer to minimal functionality. This role is perfect for stakeholders like project managers where they can quickly see the status of parties and projects without needing to think about interacting with insurance officers or brokers. We've also kept the chat functionality for any viewers so its super easy to stay in touch and keep the important discussions flowing.

You can see the full list of permissions of roles here




Automate your efforts with smarter bots 

We're super excited for this feature as its a big change which we've been working hard on. In this release we've completely rebuilt how we extract information from the ACORD 25 documents that you upload. Although at first glance this doesn't feel like a big change but behind the scenes a ton is happening! What you'll be able to experience is much higher accuracy in existing extractions such as Commercial General Liability and Automobile Liability and Professional Liability but also a bunch of new coverages, these are: 

  • Cyber Liability
  • Directors & Officers
  • Pollution
  • Crime





We've less a number of updates to reporting. Here they all are:


Keep on top of reporting with scheduling

Schedules are important, we get this. Scheduled meetings, scheduled reminders, scheduled actions, scheduled reports, and the list goes on.

In this feature we've made at least one of these schedules easier to manage with scheduled reports. The scheduled reports feature lets you pick the report you want, how often you want it and who do you want it to go to and we'll send it automatically for as long as you need. At least that's one less schedule you need to worry about!


With scheduled reports you can:

- Attach a schedule to a new or existing report

- Amend your schedule to be sent daily, weekly or monthly

- Change the recipient of each schedule. Allowing you to make edits relevant to the expected reader





Rearrange columns of your report

Now you can personalize your reports even further by rearranging columns. Everybody prioritises information differently, so now you can customize your reports to reflect that by putting the information you want in the order you want to see it after its been exported.  




Track in-context compliance of parties

Seeing your parties is good, seeing your projects is good, but filtering by your projects when seeing your parties? Thats great.

Its a simple change but seeing your parties and projects in context of each other makes it much easier to understand your party's compliance in context of the projects they're in. Just navigate to the parties page, select 'assigned to projects' in the filters tab and select a project; easy!