How to Send a Bulk Document Request How to Send a Bulk Document Request

How to Send a Bulk Document Request

The Document Request feature allows you to reach out to third parties directly from the TrustLayer platform and request any new documentation when current documentation is missing, expired, or set to require.

Instead of sending a request to each Party one by one, you can utilize the bulk send feature to send a request to multiple Parties at once.


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How to Send a Document Request


Sending a Bulk Document Request 

1 Using the sidebar menu located on the left side of the screen, click Parties



2 If all of your parties have missing documents, skip to step 3. If some do and some don't, click the Filter button, then select Documents Count. Next, choose Exactly from the dropdown and 0 in the number text box. 

NOTE: This step filters your Active Parties list to only include Parties with exactly 0 documents in the TrustLayer system. By doing so, you better ensure you are initially requesting docs from only those without any associated documents currently.



3 Scroll down to the bottom of the page. At the bottom right, use the dropdown to ensure your Active Parties List is set to the maximum amount of Parties per page. 

NOTE: The maximum amount of Parties per page is 60. This means you can only bulk send requests to 60 parties at a time. You are only sending document requests out to those party visible on the current page.



4 Back at the top of the page, click the checkbox next to Name. This will auto-populate check boxes next to each Parties name on that page.



5 Next, click the Send Request button.



6 The Review Recipients window will open. As long as each Party has a Primary Contact assigned to it, TrustLayer will auto-populate that contact's email.
NOTE: You can also add additional email addresses for each party if there are more than one contact.


7 Once you've checked all emails, click the blue Send Requests button at the bottom right of the window. 



8 If needed, scroll back to the bottom of the page and switch to the next page, then repeat steps 4-7 for each Page of Parties you have remaining after you send your first batch of 60 requests to ensure you are requesting documentation from all applicable parties.