Using Parties Configuration page Using Parties Configuration page

Using Parties Configuration page

Within the Settings (Sidebar), you will find the the Parties Configuration page. This is where you can create Party Types, Tags, and Default Information for Document Requests.



This article contains the following:

 Adding new party type

Adding new tag

Expiring links

Adding custom messaging to appear on document request landing page


Party types

This section is where you can create a subcategory of Parties such as vendor, subcontractor, tenant, etc. and assign specific Compliance Profiles to those subcategories. For more information, please see our article on How To Create a Compliance Profile.

 Adding New Party Types

1 Click the blue + New Party Type button located on the right side of the screen.



2 The New Party Type window will pop open. Enter a Name in the text box. The Plural Name text box will auto-populate based on what you have entered above.



3 Select an Initial Compliance Profile from the dropdown. 


NOTE: The selected Compliance Profile will automatically be assigned to newly created Parties assigned to this Party Type.


4 Click the blue Create Party Type button at the bottom right of the window to complete this process.




This section is where you can create organizational Tags that can stick to individual Parties and be used for reporting purposes. It is a great way to organize your data and report on it. See our article on How to Create a Report.


Adding a New Tag

1 Click the blue + New Tag button located at the top right corner of this section.



A small Create New Tag window will appear. In the text box, enter the word, phrase, abbreviation, or number(s) you’d like to use as a tag. This is something that should apply to multiple Parties and should act as a key identifier - so keep that in mind.



Click the "+" icon to complete the creation process. 




Document Request Page Options

When a Document Request is sent to a Party through the TrustLayer application, the recipient will receive an email with a link that takes them to the Document Request Landing Page where they can upload all of their documents directly into TrustLayer. 

This section within Parties Configuration allows you to create options such as Expiring Links within your Document Request emails and custom Default Information for the Document Request Landing Page.


Expiring Links

You can create Expiring Links for privacy reasons. This makes it so that an email recipient has a limited amount of time to utilize the link embedded in the Document Request email. You have the ability to set the Document Request Link as active from anywhere between 1 and 48 days. If you do not wish to have the link expire, you can simply set it to "Never".


To adjust the expiration time, simply click and drag the large dot across the line to your desired time frame.



Default Information for the Document Request Landing Page

You can create custom messaging that will appear at the top of the document request landing page. This can be a useful way of instructing recipients with a step by step of the TrustLayer process or reaffirming them with any usual messaging your organization utilizes. It also allows you to put a personal touch on a system-generated email.


Adding custom messaging to appear on document request landing page

1 To utilize this feature, simply type your messaging into the text box provided.



2 Use the editor’s toolbar at the bottom of the text box for formatting options or to add links. 



3 Once done, click the blue Save changes button at the bottom left of the section to complete this process.