How to Add a New Party How to Add a New Party

How to Add a New Party

A Party, within the TrustLayer platform, refers to vendors, subcontractors, tenants, or any other third party. In most cases, they are a subcontractor and bound by a Master Services Agreement with an organization. We use the term Party because it is industry agnostic and can apply to a number of industries and applications. Basically, if you are seeking to track a vendor's compliance based on their insurance requirements and documentation, you will want to create them as a Party in the TrustLayer platform.


This article contains the following: 

Adding a New Party (Step by Step)

Bulk uploading parties

Adding a New Party (Video Tutorial)


Adding a New Party (Step by Step)

1 Using the sidebar located on the left side of the screen, click Parties.


2 Next, click the blue * New Party button on the top right of the page.


3 On the New Party page that appears, fill in the informational text fields.

  • Business Name
    • This field is for the name of the Party.
    • Required field.
  • Type
    • This field is for selecting the Party Type that you would like this Party associated to. (For more information on Party Types, see our Using Parties Configuration page article).
    • Required field.
  • Email
    • This field is for the primary contact email address of the Party. This is essential as the platform needs an email address to send Document Requests and other communication to.
    • Required field.

      NOTE: All other fields (contact name, address, etc.) are useful but optional.



4 Use the Active toggle located towards the bottom of the page to determine whether you want to add this party as active or inactive.

NOTE: Inactive Parties remain in the TrustLayer platform, and are simply archived. This allows us to keep your active Parties separate from your inactive Parties.



5 Once done, click the blue + Create party button located at the bottom of the page.



Bulk Uploading Parties


Find the bulk upload CSV template here.


1 Using the sidebar located on the left side of the screen, click Parties.



2 Next, select the arrow next to * New Party, and select Import Parties. 



3 Then, either download the CSV provided at the top of the window or the one listed above to set up your data in the correct format. import_parties___download_CSV.png


4 Once opened, fill out your CSV in the same format as the example provided in row 2. Make sure that the columns for Business Name, Type, and Contact Person Email all have values entered in them as these are required fields. 



5 Next, upload your correctly formatted CSV by dragging and dropping into the blue Upload documents field or using the click to browse and select option. 



6 Once your uploaded CSV is visible, click the blue Import Parties button to complete the process. 




Adding a New Party (Video Tutorial)