What's New: June 2021 What's New: June 2021

What's New: June 2021

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In June, we've focused on how we can help make your workflow seamless with new integration tools, document request updates and more information which can be extracted from your COI!

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Fill & Sign

Digital document creation and signing

TrustLayer Fill & Sign makes it seamless for organizations to manage electronic documents and compliance requirements. With our latest e-signature solutions, you can use the document request workflow to manage the execution of proposals, contracts, bonds, and many other agreements. TrustLayer makes it easy to manage your business compliance needs by combining the ability to track, manage, and verify the compliance statuses with sending documents out for e-signatures.  With TrustLayer Fill & Sign you can:
    • Create documents to be signed
    • Use TrustLayer’s Document Request Workflows to request signatures and document completion
    • Validate documents have been fully signed and executed with compliance requirements

See how to use Fill & Sign





AM Best Carrier Ratings and Extraction

Manage contractual risk with AM Best Carrier ratings

TrustLayer now automatically includes AM Best ratings and financial strength indicators to manage and transfer contractual risk. You can easily determine if an insurer has the financial ability to cover major claims and losses by seeing the most current AM Best rating for your subcontractor’s insurers. 
  • Automatically extract insurance carrier information from ACORD 25
  • View AM Best ratings and financial strength indicators directly in TrustLayer
  • Manage carrier information discovered on Certificate of Insurance documents

See how to use AM Best Carrier Ratings



Customize document requests emails

Optimize your requests and reminders

Sending a document request has had a small overhaul this month. When you're selecting a template you're looking for a closest fit for that circumstance, but it may not be perfect. We've changed that by allowing for further customizations before you click send. And more than that we've completely changed the UI to make sending your requests easier than ever.


In-page experience

To help bring you the convenience you can send your requests from within the parties page. When you want to send the request the window will slide appear in-page meaning you never need to leave the details to send your message out. From here you can select templates, edit and review them all in one smooth experience.


Customize your requests

In this change, you can tailor your template to any given circumstance. Every part of the message is now customizable including subject lines, headers and bodies. When you make the change these will all be one-off changes which don't permanently impact your templates. So now you’re able to send a more personalized message in just a few clicks.

  • Save time by sending messages in a few clicks via the feature drawer
  • Enhanced UI means you can now manage the request you're sending out smoothly and simply
  • Completely customize all your requests to guarantee the perfect messaging







The May update introduces some very exciting integrations with core business systems many of our clients use. This release enables integrations with Procore so now our customers are able to start reducing the efforts of keeping platforms consistent and greatly improves the value by joining these systems to work together.

For those who want to build custom integrations with TrustLayer, our API has also been launched so now you can customize your TrustLayer experience and tailor it specific to your needs


TrustLayer API

Build your own solutions with TrustLayer for developers

The TrustLayer API is here! Now you can build your own solutions and software which interacts directly with your TrustLayer instance. To help you in your journey to build your own integrations we've also provided a full suite of documentation which you can request access to if you're interested in building your own calls; just talk to our support team.

We've made a range of information available to extract from, including compliance information, projects, parties and documentation. This REST API is an industry standard, making it accessible and as easy as possible for you to interact with to extract your information. 

  • Build your own API calls to extract your data and compliance information direct from TrustLayer
  • Extract the the information in a readily available JSON format.
  • Automate tasks to match your business work flows <TBC ON TOKEN AUTHs>




Procore Integration

With the Procore integration you can:

  • Make compliance status easily available to project managers
  • Keep Procore Vendors and Jobs in sync with TrustLayer Parties and Projects
  • Streamline payments to vendors


Integration Summary

TrustLayer's integration with Procore synchronizes Vendors and Jobs with TrustLayer's Parties and Projects and enables compliance status to be updated in Procore.

By integrating your project management workflows with TrustLayer you can make it easy to ensure your project teams can track vendor compliance and ensure payments are made when they should be.  With TrustLayer's Procore integration, you can have confidence in your job site data and make decisions to keep your projects on time and on budget. 


See how to configure the Procore Integration.


Integrations Requirements

  • Procore Service Account with Administrator permissions to Procore
  • TrustLayer Organization Admin Owner Permissions
  • Integration functionality enabled on your organization. Request this functionality via support@trustlayer.io

About Procore

Procore Technologies, Inc., the world’s number one most widely used construction management software, helps firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communication and documentation. Hundreds of thousands of registered Procore users manage all types of construction projects including industrial plants, office buildings, apartment complexes, university facilities, retail centers, and more




That's everything for June! Check back next month for the July update

For more information on any of these releases please reach out to our support team