What's New: April 2021 What's New: April 2021

What's New: April 2021

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New Stuff


Here we are with another set of updates for April. We've introduced some new views that make it easier to understand a party's base and project compliance to streamline our customer's workflows. We've also improved our document extraction to make it more robust, faster, and enabled the ability to extract data from a scanned PDF. For more information on any of these releases please reach out to our support team.



Automatic Data Extraction


Our robots are smarter.

We've tuned the system to ensure bulk uploads are faster and the process we use to extract is more reliable.

  • Faster and more reliable data extraction
  • Reduced processing time to extract field data from ACORD 25
  • Bulk uploads are more reliable with less time to process


PDF Image Reading


Extract data from scanned forms.

Ready to reduce the time you spend manually reviewing ACORD 25 forms? The big news in this release is that our robots are now able to extract data from scanned and photographed Acord 25 forms in a PDF format. No other special steps need to be taken. Just upload your docs and the robots will do the work for you.

  • Cut down on manual review time
  • Upload ACORD 25 in any pdf format - image or text-based
  • Supports scanned and photographed PDFs



Compliance Status


Compliance Gauges - View the complete compliance status of a party

Now you can get a complete picture of a party's compliance directly from the 'All parties' screen! Our goal was to make it easy to toggle between a party's base compliance and project compliance, and also see the associated projects listed in a bitesize way. To accomplish this, we've introduced a new compliance graphic that uses two circle gauges to communicate a party's compliance. By having two gauges you can quickly see the full picture against both base compliance and project compliance.

  • The inner gauge- The inner circle is the base compliance gauge when your view is set at the organization level. The inner circle also becomes the compliance status of the project currently selected when you are in a party's project view. When compliance is 100%, the circle will be green and complete. When base compliance is less than 100%, the circle stays blue and will reflect the current compliance percentage.
  • The outer gauge- The outer circle works the same way but shows project-level compliance for the selected party. By clicking on the compliance gauge from your party listing you will get a more in-depth view including a list of all the projects that a party is associated with and a much larger version of the compliance gauge. Here, you can click a project name to reveal all the compliance details for that project.

This makes it loads easier to get a holistic view of a party’s compliance status by seeing all the projects they’re in as well as how they match the base level requirements.

Note - If you don't have any projects in your org, you won't see the new Compliance Gauges. You need to have at least one project created in your org to access this new functionality.









Backend Enhancements

This month, we've made a ton of improvements to the TrustLayer platform in order to deliver better service and performance. Those enhancements include:

  • Upgraded our job processing systems which will enhance system performance.
  • Improved various UI elements
  • Made enhancements to filtering and sorting capabilities


That's all for this month! Check back soon for the May update!