What's New: March 2021 What's New: March 2021

What's New: March 2021


Compliance Profiles


Custom Requirements Support Dollar Values

  • At last! Now you can set a dollar value that is greater than or equal to in a custom requirement on your compliance profiles. Have fun creating some great new custom requirements.




Customized Compliance Profiles Maintain Original Name

Previously, a compliance profile that had been customized at the party level would be indicated with the name "Custom Compliance Party". This made it challenging to figure out which compliance profile was the original profile. Now, instead of changing the name of a customized profile, we add an icon and keep the original compliance profile name. Good news! If you change the name of the original compliance profile, it will change for any customized versions as well.




Lighting Fast Lists

One way TrustLayer helps you to reduce the time you spend verifying insurance is to make it easy to find and quickly view your important data like your list of parties, your list of projects, or your lists of compliance profiles. Since these lists can sometimes be HUGE, that might mean it can take a moment to fully load when switching screens. As part of this latest release, we've taken advantage of data loaders, custom resolvers, and DB projections to make loading large lists lightning fast. You'll see fast loads all over the app but we think you will really notice it when loading the Projects list.


Project Page Improvements

We know how important it is to quickly understand key details about projects you are managing with TrustLayer. With that in mind, we've taken some steps to improve the organization of the Projects page and to increase its scannability.  

    • Required fields for the current project can now be found at the top of the page in the summary bar
    • Speaking of the current project, we've added a new mceclip0.png indicator to show you which project is currently selected.
    • To help keep things tidy, we've added an expansion option to the project row. Click the "+" button to see the required fields for those projects.





SSO/SAML Support

  • We now offer the ability to leverage any Identity Provider (IDP) that supports SAML to enable the use of single sign-on (SSO) for your user authentication. Enjoy the ease and security of simply selecting your authenticated account to use SSO and gain access to your TrustLayer account in just a click. If you are interested in configuring single sign-on for your TrustLayer organization, please contact us at support@trustlayer.io




Emails and Messaging

The Power of the Conversation ID

Part of the power of TrustLayer is that it provides the ability to centralize your workflow. We've updated the reply-to information in our emails to always include the conversation ID we use to keep an email conversation organized and centralized in TrustLayer. Now, all emails sent from TrustLayer include the Conversation ID Email as the Reply-To: Address. This means that even if a document request is forwarded and the recipient of the forward replies to that request, that reply will be captured in the message timeline under Contacts & Messages.




Export Reports in XLSX

Excel users rejoice! Reports can now be exported as XLSX and viewed natively in MS Excel.




That's a wrap! Be sure to check back next month for all the latest TrustLayer goodness.