How to Create a Party Type How to Create a Party Type

How to Create a Party Type

A Party Type is a subcategory of Parties such as subcontractor, plumber, tenant, driver, etc. Once assigned a Party Type, the Party Type can be associated to a specific Compliance Profile that best represents the subcategory.


For example, the Party Types of Roofer, Electrician, and Plumber may be associated to a High Risk Compliance Profile, where as a Temporary Office Worker may be associated to a Low Risk Compliance Profile.


This article contains the following:

Adding a New Party Type (Step by Step) 

Adding a New Party Type (Video Tutorial) 


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Adding a New Party Type (Step by Step) 

1 Using the sidebar menu located on the left side of the screen, click Settings. Then, click Parties Configuration



2 Next, click the blue + New Party Type button located towards the top right of the screen.



3 The New Party Type window will pop open. Enter a Name in the text box. The Plural Name text box will auto-populate based on what you entered above.



4 Select an Initial Compliance Profile from the dropdown menu. This will be the Compliance Profile that defaults for any Party assigned to this Party Type.



5 Click the blue Create Party Type button at the bottom right of the window to complete this process.



Adding a New Party Type (Video Tutorial)