What is TrustLayer? 

TrustLayer is a collaborative risk management platform that reduces friction between millions of businesses. Our solution allows users to automate the verification of insurance, licenses, and compliance docs of their business partners (i.e., vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, borrowers, tenants,...). 

Who can benefit from TrustLayer? 

Due to the collaborative nature of the platform, all stakeholders in the risk transfer chain (i.e., insurers, brokers, enterprises, SMBs,...) as well as organizations concerned with compliance can benefit from TrustLayer. 

What industries does TrustLayer work in? 

TrustLayer adds value to companies spanning most industries. Our customers do business in industries such as: Construction, insurance, real estate, retail, distribution, finance, lending, and more. 

What compliance documents can TrustLayer handle? 

TrustLayer can track many types of documents such as Certificates of Insurance, W9s, business & professional licenses, drivers’ licenses, contracts and more. Our system has the ability to track custom documents as well. 

Why do I need a third-party compliance tool? 

Nearly every business relationship requires one, or both parties, to prove they have specific insurance coverage and licenses. This is a big pain point for companies and is currently a highly manual, error-prone, and paper-based process. A third-party compliance tool can help centralize, organize, and manage documents you require from your business partners.

How does TrustLayer streamline and make compliance workflows more efficient? 

Current compliance processes are comprised of a combination of manual processes (mail, fax, phone, email) and legacy technology like spreadsheets and antiquated document tracking software. TrustLayer uses robotic process automation RPA and AI to automate these manual processes to automatically verify and track insurance, licenses, and other compliance documents. Additionally, the platform allows for multiple stakeholders to collaborate in real time, from one centralized location online. 

How much does TrustLayer cost? 

Pricing varies depending on platform usage. We offer plans that fit budgets and organizations of all sizes. Please schedule a demo to learn more. 

How does TrustLayer decrease a company’s operational and financial risks? 

TrustLayer helps companies keep projects and deals on track by decreasing friction associated with the collection and verification of compliance documents like Certificates of Insurance. This not only decreases operational risks, but financial risks as well due to ensuring proper risk transfer (in the case of insurance documents) and all possible compliance issues have been mitigated to avoid potential, future losses (i.e., due to fines, lawsuits, etc...). 

Can TrustLayer integrate with our existing systems?

Yes. The platform’s API can be used to connect with compatible systems. 

Can TrustLayer handle multiple types and sets of insurance requirements? 

Yes. TrustLayer has been built to be able to handle a multitude of insurance coverage types and requirements. Users can create multiple compliance profiles that correspond to specific contract requirements. 

Is there a minimum number of tracked parties necessary to use TrustLayer?

No. TrustLayer provides value from day one to businesses of all sizes and has been built to scale with organizations as they grow. 

What browsers are compatible with TrustLayer? 

TrustLayer is compatible with all modern browsers updated to the latest versions. We recommend Chrome and Firefox for optimal performance.

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