How to Create a New Project How to Create a New Project

How to Create a New Project

Projects are typically used when a Party has to meet multiple sets of compliance requirements (Compliance Profiles) based on the different jobs the party is currently working on. After a party is assigned to a project, TrustLayer will track the compliance at both the party-level assigned compliance profile and the project-level compliance profile. 


1 Click Projects on the left Sidebar.mceclip0.png

2 Click New Project at the top right side of the page.


3 On the Overview tab, enter the Project Name

For example, a common project naming convention is as follows:
Project Number - Project Description - Project Location"
"10000 - Suite Upgrade - 1234 Main Street")


4 Enter a project Description as desired.

For example, this could be where you enter the scope of work or any other information regarding this project specifically.


5 Enter the project Start Date and End Date as desired. This will enable you to filter your projects based on start and end dates.


6 Click the Custom Fields tab. If a custom field is not needed, jump to step 9.

Note: The use of custom fields within projects is optional and may or may not make sense to implement within your organization's TrustLayer instance.  If your organization has custom requirements that differ from project to project or location to location, such as the certificate holder, location of project, additional insured entities, or any other project or location-specific requirement, this is where you can set those parameters for each project in order to pull the project-specific information into the Compliance Profile.

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7 Click the Select a Custom Field... dropdown menu.


8 Select the appropriate custom field then enter the value of the custom field to the right of the dropdown.



9 Click the Parties tab.


10 Click into the “Search Parties…” box and type the name of the party you are looking for.

Note: If there is a new party that is not in the system you will need to add them as a party in the system and then add the new party to the project.

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11 Select the relevant party or parties.


12 Click the Select Compliance Profile... dropdown menu and select the compliance profile relevant to each party.


13 Click the Compliance Profiles tab. This gives you an overall view of the custom compliance profile for this project.


14 Review and waive the project-specific requirements by deselecting the box next to any requirements that do not apply to the project.


15 Click the Attachments tab.


16 Upload documents relevant to this specific project by dragging documents into the section shown below, or click to browse and select.


17 Click the blue Create Project button.



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