What's New: Dec 21, 2023 What's New: Dec 21, 2023

What's New: Dec 21, 2023

What's New on TrustLayer

As we wrap up the year, we're excited to share several quality-of-life improvements on TrustLayer, designed to enhance your experience. Dive into the details below or check out our video walkthrough of the latest updates.

🎥 Click here to watch the video walkthrough of our latest updates


Document Review

  • Unified Edit/Save Interaction: We've streamlined the edit/save process with a single global action, replacing individual subject edits.
  • Enhanced Document Flag Notes: Introducing text snippets and user tagging functionality for more dynamic note-taking.
  • Requirement Note Feature: Now communicate specific information directly at the requirement level to parties on the request page.


  • New Automation Filters: Easily filter parties based on the automations and automated emails they've received.
  • Bulk Enable/Disable Automations: Simplify your workflow with new bulk actions directly from the party list.

Activity Timeline/Log

  • Document Reminder Automations: Track when document reminder automations are enabled/disabled in the party activity timeline.
  • Project Creation Events: New events in the user activity log now show when a user creates a project.

Bulk Email Customization

  • Customizable Email Templates: Personalize your bulk email subjects and templates for a tailored touch when reaching out to parties.

Fill & Sign

  • Prioritized Form Listing: Forms are now sorted by status on the request page, with incomplete forms highlighted at the top.
  • Expanded Notifications: All users receive notifications for completed Fill & Sign forms, ensuring everyone stays informed.
  • Link to Party Data: Pre-populate and sync custom field data seamlessly with the new Link to Party Data option in Fill & Sign.
  • Save Progress on Forms: Users filling out a Fill & Sign form can now save their work and return later to complete it.

We hope these updates make your TrustLayer experience even better!