What's New: Aug 31, 2023 What's New: Aug 31, 2023

What's New: Aug 31, 2023

What’s New

We’re excited to share several updates to enhance your experience using TrustLayer. In this update, you'll find new features, functionality enhancements, as well as fixes to known issues.

New Features & Enhancements:

  1. Automation Filters: Gain better oversight and reporting capabilities by filtering parties based on the automations and automated emails parties have received.

  2. Customize Email Template and Subject when sending bulk emails: Users can now adjust the email subject and template when sending emails to multiple parties simultaneously, offering more personalized communications.
  3. Bulk Enable/Disable Automations: Streamline your processes by bulk-enabling and disabling automations.
  4. Document Reminder Automation Events in Activity Timeline: Gain better insights with new events that show when a document reminder automation is enabled or disabled.
  5. Upload Button on Party Page Header: Easily upload documents directly from the party page header, making document management more efficient.
  6. User Activity Timeline Update: New project creation is now logged and displayed as "{userName} created project {projectName}" in the user activity log for better project tracking.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Document Request Page Defaults to Showing Compliant Projects First: Resolved an issue where the Document Request Page sometimes showed compliant projects first, even when the user clicked a link for a non-compliant certificate.
  2. Message Content Visibility Fix: Fixed an issue in the Contacts & Messages section where messages incorrectly appeared as "This message has no content," ensuring accurate message content display.
  3. Downloaded Non-PDF Documents Default to .TXT Format: Addressed the default '.TXT' format issue for non-PDF documents.
  4. No Pop-Up on 'Document Reminders' Toggle: Fixed the missing pop-up when hovering over the 'Document Reminders' toggle.
  5. Dashboard Displays Incorrect Wording: Corrected the wording when the dashboard is set to display compliance status by project.
  6. Inactive Projects Selectable in Dashboard: Ensured only active projects are selectable when the dashboard is set to project view.
  7. Quickbooks Integration Setup Issues: Resolved issues faced by some users when integrating TrustLayer with Quickbooks.
  8. Memory Leaks: Addressed memory leaks, particularly when switching between pages.
  9. Bulk Sending Request Issue: Resolved the display error when trying to bulk send document requests.
  10. Error When Marking Unassociated Documents as Reviewed: Fixed the error that occurred when users tried to mark a document as reviewed when it wasn't associated with any parties.

If you need further information or have any questions/feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.