What's New: June 28, 2023 What's New: June 28, 2023

What's New: June 28, 2023

What’s New

We’re excited to share several updates to enhance your experience using TrustLayer. In this update, you'll find new features, functionality enhancements, as well as fixes to known issues.

New Features & Enhancements

  • Automations: Introducing a highly anticipated feature designed to streamline your workflow. Initially, two automations will be available: Expiring Document Reminders and Document Request Reminders. Learn more about Automations here.
  • Specific W-9 Requirements in Compliance Profile Builder: To aid in the detailed validation of W-9 forms, we've added specific requirement options such as 'Name as shown on tax return must be present' or 'Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number must be present', among others. This will allow customers to better manage their IRS Forms requirements.
  • Compliance Profile Name Added to Reports: Users now have the option to include the Compliance Profile assigned to a party or a party-project in exported reports. This new feature aims to provide deeper insights into compliance profile usage.
  • Select/Deselect All Export Columns: Based on user feedback, we've introduced a select/deselect all toggle for export columns. This will make it easier for users to choose only the columns they want in their exported reports.
  • Show Compliance Changed Event in Activity Timeline: We've added a new Compliance Status item in the Activity timeline of a party. It will note when the status has changed to compliant or non-compliant, giving users visibility to changes in compliance status.
  • Full Display of Party Type on Menu: Now, when a party type exceeds 20 characters, users can see the full name by hovering over it. This ensures users can filter by the correct vendor type, even when the name is longer than the menu display limit.
  • API Enhancement - Exposed Document Created Date: In response to feedback, we now allow users of the TrustLayer API to retrieve the creation date of a document. This will help them better track and manage document records in their systems.
  • API Enhancement - Custom Field Creation when Creating Party: We have extended our API's capabilities to allow the creation of custom fields when creating a party. This enhancement will make the TrustLayer API more efficient for developers.


  • Fixed Inactive Projects Affecting the Project Compliance Score: Inactive projects were previously considered in the Project compliance score on the Dashboard. This has been resolved to only include active projects, ensuring accurate compliance scores.
  • Updated FAQ Links on Dashboard Compliance Widget: Corrected the FAQ links on the Dashboard's Compliance score widget. Depending on whether the compliance score is set to projects or parties, users are now redirected to the correct help center articles.
  • Improved Wording on Party Custom Fields Update Modal: Corrected the modal wording when updating party custom fields. The modal now correctly refers to the update of a single custom field affecting multiple projects, instead of multiple fields.
  • Fixed Display Issue in Document Reminders: Resolved an issue where document reminders appeared to be sent by "unknown". The reminders are now correctly shown as sent by the 'TrustLayer Bot'.
  • Handled Error when Selected Project is Deleted by Another User: Fixed an issue that caused errors when a selected project was deleted by another user. Now, if this happens, the page shows without a project filter, and a toast message appears stating "Selected project is not available."
  • Corrected {{ userName }} Element in Email Templates: Addressed an issue where the "User name" element in email templates ({{ userName }}) was displaying the user's email address instead of their name. The element now correctly pulls from the "Full name" field on a user's profile in TrustLayer, as expected.
  • Fixed Document Assignment Issue on Landing Page: Resolved a problem where documents uploaded via the document request landing page were being marked as "Applies to all projects" instead of the specific project selected during upload. Documents should now be assigned to the appropriate project upon upload.
  • Improved Performance on Document Review Page: We observed that users were experiencing increased memory usage and slowdowns when switching between documents on the Document Review Page. To address this, we've fine-tuned the page's performance. This optimization enhances efficiency, ensuring a smoother user experience that keeps pace with your needs.
  • Handled 'Can't Find Organization' Error During Authentication: Fixed an issue that returned a 'Can't find organization' error during the authentication phase if the user belonged to a deleted organization. The system now reverts to the first available organization if none is found.
  • Resolved Visibility of Fill & Sign on Organizations Without the Feature: Fixed the issue where the Fill & Sign module was visible and selectable on organizations that did not have this feature. Now, it's hidden appropriately to avoid confusion.

If you need further information or have any questions/feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.