What's New: June 21, 2023 What's New: June 21, 2023

What's New: June 21, 2023

What’s New

We’re excited to share several updates to enhance your experience using TrustLayer. In this update, you'll find new features, functionality enhancements, as well as fixes to known issues.

New Features & Enhancements

  • Expanded Insurance Carrier Data Access through TrustLayer API: We’ve enhanced the TrustLayer API to provide you with access to insurance carrier data, such as the extracted carrier name and NAIC code, making it easier to retrieve carrier information.
  • Global Compliance Requests When Using Projects: If you’re using Projects you’ll now be able to also request documents for global party compliance. Please note that this feature is in limited release; reach out to learn more about how this could work for your organization.
  • Updated Compliant Status Color on Dashboard: To ensure consistency we’ve changed the compliant status color on TrustLayer's Dashboard from blue to green.
  • Effortless Access to TrustLayer's System Status: A newly added "Status" link at the bottom left of the platform now provides you with access to historical and current system status.
  • Improved QuickBooks Integration: We’ve upgraded the experience of our QuickBooks integration by refining the disconnection process, eliminating errors, and enabling a seamless disconnection when needed.
  • Improved Procore Integration: If you’re using the Procore integration we’re now automatically pushing the highest aggregate values found in compliance subjects to the Procore insurance records, enhancing data consistency.


  • Resolved Associated Projects Disappearing during Document Review: Addressing the issue with associated projects intermittently disappearing during the document review process when switching between global and project requirements.
  • Improved "Load More" Button & Document Sorting: Fixing the issue with the "Load More" button not appearing for parties with more than 50 active documents during the document review process, and enhancing document navigation by properly sorting documents by creation date (most recent first).
  • Fixed 'Valid Until' Date Issue in Requirement Group Section: Eliminating the intermittent issue of the 'Valid Until' date auto-populating a day early in the requirement group section, ensuring consistency when reviewing documents.
  • Enhanced Search Functionality on Document Request Page: Resolving the issue with the search bar on the document request landing page, displaying relevant search results when users type in a project name associated with a party to upload documents.
  • Resolved COI Scrolling Issue with Document Information Panel Open: Addressing the problem that prevented users from scrolling through a Certificate of Insurance (COI) in document review while the Document Information panel was open, ensuring a smooth review process.
  • Improved Custom Module Deletion in Compliance Profile: Rectifying the issue with irregular messages appearing when users delete a custom module from a compliance profile, providing clear and concise confirmation messages upon removal.
  • Fixed Auto-Scrolling Issue & "Expand" Link Removal in Document Review: Eliminating the auto-scrolling issue during document review and removing the "Expand" link, preventing the automatic marking of requirements as compliant upon expansion, and enhancing the user experience.
  • Resolved Disappearing Dates from MSAs uploaded to TrustLayer: Addressing the issue with dates disappearing from Master Service Agreements (MSAs) uploaded to parties within TrustLayer, ensuring data retention and accuracy.
  • Refined Filtering in Email Templates Input: Fixing the issue with the email templates input not filtering results when users start typing the name of a template, providing quick and accurate matching email templates listing.
  • Fixed Headline Field Layout in Document Reminder Emails: Resolving the layout issue with the Headline field being displayed intermittently at the bottom of the page when customizing document reminder emails from the party page. Users will now consistently find the Headline field at the top of the customization layout, ensuring a seamless experience.
  • Updated NIPR Lookup Feature for Enhanced Performance: Enhancing the efficiency and reliability of our NIPR lookup feature, ensuring its proper functioning and providing a more seamless user experience.

If you need further information or have any questions/feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.