Automations Automations


Q1: What is the Automations feature?

Introducing Automations, a highly anticipated feature designed to streamline your workflow. Initially, two automations will be available: Expiring Document Reminders and Document Request Reminders

Q2: What is the "Expiring Document Reminder" in Automations?

The "Expiring Document Reminder" is an automation that identifies when an expiration date is approaching for a specific document. It allows you to create an outreach cadence to remind the relevant parties to update their documents before and after expiration.

Q3: What is the "Document Reminder" in Automations?

The "Document Reminder" is an automation feature that enables you to manually enroll parties into an outreach cadence. This mechanism ensures that parties are reminded to provide the necessary documents as required. Once a document is uploaded, the party will be automatically removed from the automation.

Q4: How do I set up / edit my Automations?

You can set up your Automations in Settings -> Automations and then select the Edit button on the Automation you'd like to edit.


Q5: How do I enable an automation for a party?

To enable an automation for a particular party, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the profile of the party for whom you'd like to enable the automation.
  2. Find and click on the toggle switch for the appropriate automation.

Please refer to the screenshot below for further clarification.


Q6: What happens when a new document is uploaded for a party?

Automations are designed to be intuitive. When a new document is uploaded for a party, it automatically deactivates the Document Reminder automation for that particular party. For the Expiring Document Reminders, the system will cease sending notifications if the newly uploaded documents fall outside of the predetermined expiration window set in the automation. This ensures that the party will only receive relevant reminders.

Q7: Can I manually turn off automations for a party?

Yes, you can manually turn off automated reminders for an individual party on the party profile page.

Q8: Can I select the email template used per email in the cadence?

Yes, you can select the email template used per email in a cadence. This allows for greater personalization and context-specific reminders.


Q9: Can I filter my parties based on Automations?

We're currently working on this and anticipate launching this very soon!

Q10: Are there plans for additional enhancements to the Automations feature?

Yes, we're constantly looking to improve our features based on user feedback and needs. If you need further information or have any questions/feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.