Project Compliance Dashboard View Project Compliance Dashboard View

Project Compliance Dashboard View

Organizations that utilize projects can change the Dashboard view to show project compliance instead of organizational compliance. Users can change this by navigating to Settings > General Settings > Dashboard Settings.




After changing the view to calculate compliance by project, four of the areas on the dashboard will be updated.



In order to be more precise, we calculate these numbers using what we call "party assignments." A party assignment is when one particular party is assigned to an individual project. Since a party in TrustLayer can be assigned to multiple projects, this means that that total party assignment number will mostly likely be larger than the number of parties in the organization.

This allows you to see the growing number of compliant parties as a project nears being fully compliant versus only seeing projects as compliant or non-compliant.

You can filter Compliance status by project and hover over an area on Compliance trend to see more detail.